3 Ways to Use Your Home to Get Healthier

Many people don’t think of the home as a great tool to help you become healthier. You can get a better workout at the gym and can get emotional help talking to a therapist, both things that don’t normally happen within the walls of your own home. However, if you have limited time or resources, there are things you can do at and with your own home that can increase your personal health in a variety of ways. To help show you how, here are three ways you can use your home to get healthier.


Use the Stairs

Even if you have a large home, you likely won’t get much exercise simply by walking between rooms doing your daily activities. However, if you have stairs, you can use this feature to help you become physically fit at home. Chris Sherwood, a contributor to LiveStrong.com, shares that walking up and down stairs regularly throughout the day can help with the fat-burning process, getting aerobic activity, burning calories and safeguarding against diseases.

To give yourself every opportunity to use the stairs in your home to help you get healthier, consider separating certain items you use frequently on different levels of your house. This will not only encourage you to use the stairs more, but will make facing the stairs a necessity to get certain household chores done.

Plant a Garden

Everyone knows that getting fresh air and sunlight is good for your physical and mental health. But unless you have some kind of feature that encourages you to get outdoors at your house, many people spend the majority of their time inside. For this reason, Anne Harding, a contributor to CNN, recommends planting a garden on your property. Gardens have many benefits to your health, including relieving stress, getting you exercise, promoting brain health and giving you better nutrition. Make sure you plant vegetables and spices you love eating to get the most out of this endeavor.

Get a Pet

Having a pet is another great way to increase your health at home. Amir Khan, a contributor to U.S. New and World Report, shares that although pets are an additional responsibility to take on, they can be a huge benefit to all aspects of your health. Pets can help you better handle depression, exercise more, have less stress, and become more social with other pet owners. Consider what type of pet you think would best fit your personality and way of life in order to have this house guest improve your health to the fullest extent.

Getting healthier doesn’t have to mean spending less time at home and with your family. Use the tips mentioned above to become a healthier and happier person while at home.