3 Ways to Keep People Healthy at Work

As a manager, it’s important to help employees practice good hygiene and healthy habits on the job; not only does this help prevent them from getting sick, it’s also crucial for keeping customers safe. Here are a few easy ways to keep everyone healthy in the workplace.

Hand Sanitizer

Capable of killing over 99% of viruses and bacteria, hand sanitizer for businesses is a great way to keep employees and consumers healthy. The CDC recommends using a sanitizer that contains between 60% and 95% alcohol, as this range is able to effectively kill most of the dangerous germs people come into contact with. Have bottles of sanitizer readily available on countertops, near computer stations, cash registers, kiosks and anywhere else people frequently use their hands. Remember: hand sanitizer should not be used as a replacement for hand-washing!

Hair Nets and Gloves

If your business involves things like food service or directly touching other people, have your employees take extra precautions by wearing hair nets and using disposable gloves. Hair nets keep stray hairs from coming in contact with consumable items, and gloves protect the products and people your employees work with. It’s also a good idea to use disposable gloves if employees are handling customers’ personal belongings — for example, TSA officers, phone repair technicians and housekeepers should all wear protection during work to help reduce the spread of germs. Keep boxes of gloves on hand for staff members to use and try to provide hypoallergenic options for people with latex allergies.

Facial Masks

For managers looking to take an extra step in the direction of general health, face masks are another excellent way to keep people safe in your workplace. Wearing a mask keeps viruses and bacteria from your mouth from becoming airborne and spreading to other people, so they are especially crucial in settings where people are immunocompromised. Rest homes, public schools, social services buildings and many other professional settings can benefit from using masks; if possible, you may even want to offer disposable masks to customers to help protect employees as well.

Health and safety are very important in the business world, so take the necessary precautions to protect everyone involved in your company. Encourage staff members to stay home and seek medical attention if they aren’t feeling well, and remember to regularly clean and sanitize any frequently-contacted surfaces in your building. For more ways to keep your business safe, you can visit the CDC website for additional information.