3 Questions To Ask Your Dental Hygienist

Preventative dental treatment Charlotte NC is very important for good oral health. Without regular cleanings and exams, cavities and gum disease may go undetected. It is important that you seek these services on a routine basis. When you go for your next dental appointment, ask your hygienist these questions to keep your oral health in check.

1. What Toothpaste Should I Use?

The brand of toothpaste does not matter as much as your specific needs. If you are having cavities each time you go to the dentist, you may benefit from a fluoride toothpaste. Patients with sensitive teeth may need a special sensitivity formula. Those with gum issues may need a different type of toothpaste as well. Find out from your hygienist what toothpaste would be most beneficial for your use.

2. What Areas Do I Need To Brush Better?

You should ask your hygienist to point out areas where you need to clean better around your teeth. You may not realize that you have heavy plaque in a certain area that you are not effectively removing. Since you cannot see very well into your own mouth, it can be helpful for someone else to point out where you can improve your oral care.

3. How Often Do I Need my Teeth Cleaned?

While most patients can get by with having their teeth cleaned every six months, others may need to come more frequently; sometimes, every three months is recommended. This is based on how well you are brushing and flossing and whether you have gum disease issues that need to be monitored more closely.

Visiting your dentist office regularly is important for maintaining good oral health and hygiene. Keep these questions in mind for your next dental visit, and be sure that you are receptive to the answers that you get.