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3 Benefits of Taiji Chinese Meditation

If you want to try a new method for adding more relaxation into your life, consider the Chinese practice of Taiji. Also known as Taijiquan or perhaps more commonly referred to in the West as Tai Chi, this ancient practice develops the self in various ways. Tai Chi takes a holistic approach to wellness, focusing attention on the body, mind and spirit. Three essential benefits come to those who incorporate Taiji into their lives regularly.

1. Improved Mental Concentration

When distractions overtake the mind, many find it challenging to focus on other, more beneficial ideas. Consequently, Tai Chi teaches the practitioner to concentrate on sustained body movements. When you bring your attention to the actions you presently perform, it helps Tai Chi enthusiasts to draw their mental emphasis away from nagging problems and instead emphasizes focus on producing slow and accurate motions. By practicing this type of mental concentration through the use of the body in specific ways, many find that Taiji can help them increase their clarity of mind.

2. Improved Body Flexibility

The body moves incorporated into Taiji tend to focus on slow and flowing workouts. When practiced regularly, this type of physical training can assist in better balance as you become more aware of the core of the body and how the arms and limbs can move in coordination with it. When you become stronger and gain balance through Tai Chi, you also improve flexibility through body positions that help to stretch the ligaments and muscles gently. In this way, balance, strength and flexibility improve in partnership.

3. Improved Mental Calmness

While practicing the taiji chinese meditation system Hopewell NJ residents, for instance, have discovered that the body moves slowly but continually throughout the practice. When you focus on those movements, little mental space remains for anxiety, and thus Taiji helps increase your calmness. 

For those recovering from injuries or who want an effective means to improve both fitness and reduce stress, Taiji can offer these and many other benefits. Tai Chi can bring the wellness you seek into your life.



3 Benefits of Low-Impact Exercise Programs

Many people have started exercise programs but have given up on them after a short period, which happens for many reasons. For example, the starting level of exercise might have greatly exceeded your current comfort level. Furthermore, your may have experienced times when life circumstances interfered with training. Although it can create challenges when you decide to stick with an exercise program, you will experience three excellent benefits for your overall wellness if you choose one that offers low-impact exercises.

1. Reduces Risk of Injury

Participants sometimes give up their urge to exercise if they fall prey to sports injuries. Because of these damages caused to body parts, it takes recovery time to resume exercising. At this point, you need to restart because you have lost your original conditioning. Happily, sports injuries less commonly occur with low-impact exercise. When exercising with low impact, one foot remains on the floor throughout the activity, providing a great deal of physical stability as you move through the exercise’s range of motions. In addition, these workouts proceed at slower speeds for more extended periods and lower levels of fitness resistance so that the probability of injury gets significantly reduced. As a result, you can exercise more often, gaining lasting health benefits.

2. Reduces Blood Pressure

Low-impact exercise has the added benefit of strengthening your heart. As your heart grows more robust, it takes less effort for the heart to pump and send blood throughout the arteries. The reduction of pressure on the arteries helps to lower your blood pressure level. Therefore, low-impact exercise can benefit those who suffer from high blood pressure.

3. Increases Strength

When you engage in fitness club Cicero NY activities like walking or swimming, these low-impact exercises can help to improve your physical strength. Muscles gain power as they get exerted and then allowed to rest in between workouts. When routinely practiced over several weeks, significant muscle strength improvements will ensue.

The solution to long-term fitness rests with low-impact exercise. You can choose from various activities, mixing them up to add variety and fun to your workout sessions.


How To Maximize Muscle Recovery After You Workout

There are several ways to maximize muscle recovery after your workouts.


After an intense workout, your muscles will need to cool down and recover. To help reduce soreness and increase flexibility you can massage your muscles after working out. It’s important to massage as soon as you finish exercising to encourage better muscle recovery and reduce inflammation. You can do this at home with a foam body roller or find a massage therapist Pasadena CA. Massages improve your circulation and assist with flushing out waste and toxins from your body.


When you exercise, your body will sweat to release water and salt. This helps your body stay cool but at the same time, causes you to lose water. When you are dehydrated, muscles will not be able to repair themselves and your joints will be more prone to friction. Without enough water, you may be prone to feeling lethargic or even dizzy. Be sure to drink plenty of water after a workout to replenish your body. You can also try low-sugar post-workout drinks that include potassium and sodium to prevent muscles from cramping. It is especially important to stay hydrated while working out in the humidity or heat.


Your muscles will need the energy required to begin recovering after an intense workout. You should refuel your body with a protein-filled snack shortly after completing your workout routine. Protein will provide your body with amino acids needed to repair and build muscles. You will also need to restore carbohydrates in your body after burning all that energy. Try sticking to carbs in the form of whole-grain bread and organic rice instead of filling up on sugary white bread.

To encourage better muscle growth and recovery, it is very important to follow up every exercise with the proper post-workout routine.